@Home in SW Florida

@Home in SW Florida


April 2016

There are many places that people want to see in their lifetime.

Rome, Florence, the Grand Canyon, New York City – to name a few.

But if you’ve never been to SW Florida in April or May, you should consider putting

that on your buck list.

It is definitely one of the best times of the year.

The tropical breeze is delightful – especially for bike riding or just walking on the beach.

It is a special feeling – and something that I encourage people to experience,

even if it’s just for a short visit.

But be warned – you may just consider staying longer than anticipated.


February 2016

Home Decor in Florida can be very eclectic, casual or elegant.

That’s the beauty of living in an area that uses a lot of natural color & materials.

I love to search for photos of Florida – in every aspect of living.

And I share most of those photos on our Facebook Page SW Florida My Home.

When I first moved to Cape Coral in the late 1980’s, the home decor at the time was “Pastel”.

My home had a lot of soft colors in pink, sea foam green and canary yellow.

Scott & I re-painted most of the house ourselves – and we evolved into a Tommy Bahama motif.

But lately, I am leaning back towards the clean, crisp colors of blue and white.

We still live in the same house – 26 years now.

But we are downsizing and de-cluttering.   Making it easy to maintain and hassle free.

We are in a forever stage of evolution.  But this is how we feel today.

Happy to be living in SW Florida.


greetings from florida (640x640)

June 23, 2014

Summer in SW Florida is just as hot as anywhere else.  BUT, we have the added luxury of being in a sub-tropical landscape that abounds in nature’s glory.  We also have beautiful beaches close by – and perhaps a pool in your own backyard  to cool ourselves after a long day’s excursion.
If you’re looking for something to “cool” to see in SW Florida – here are two Delightful Day Trips:

Wildlife Dive – J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge – Sanibel    Your drive will take you on a road that winds through some of the most pristine mangrove systems in the region, and gives visitors a feel for the coastal Everglades without caneoing, boating or hiking for hours.  Wildlife Drives also gives visitors the option of staying in the car and air conditioning.


Flamingo, Everglades National Park, Florida Bay   Driving from SW Florida to Flamingo and back is a full-day trip, but the journey is full of Old Florida rewards.  Take US 41 instead of Interstate 75 and you’ll pass historic sites like the Monroe Station, Seminole and Miccosukee villages and the Shark Valley portion of the park..  Driving through Flamingo is about as beautiful as roadways get in Florida.  The road winds through various marsh habitats and sawgrass prairies.


April 7, 2014

See it! Love it! Buy it!

If you’re not already in SW Florida, you need to seriously think about it.
And if you’re here – you know there’s no better time to buy.

And if you find something that you love, you may not get another chance at the same opportunity.

Go with your instinct.  It’s usually right.  Don’t second guess yourself – or you might be regretting it later.

Living in SW Florida is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.




March 18, 2014

One of the best things about being a Realtor – is meeting so many different people – from all over the world.   Each and every person brings a new and vibrant vision to our work.  Each and every experience gives us a better understanding of who we are and  where we live – in comparison to the rest of the population.   We learn as much as we teach – and appreciate the trade-off.

Sometimes you’re out with the whole family – and sometimes you’re with just one person.   Sometimes you meet for one day – and sometimes you’re communicating for several weeks.

There are times, and not that often, where you just don’t click.  And that’s perfectly fine.   We don’t expect to be “everything for “everyone”  But we can honestly say, that most of our clients turn into life-long friends.  And it’s been an amazing experience – and an incredible part of our lives.

I’m currently working with two couples – separately.  They’re totally different from each other, and that makes it totally wonderful.  They’re super pleasant and easy going.  They’re “looking” and I completely understand.  I will work with them as long as they need.  And they have professed their loyalty to me – which makes it all worthwhile.

Looking forward to life-long friendship.palm trees image




January 29, 2014

We Know It!   We Love It!   We Sell It!

Twenty Five years ago we decided to make SW Florida our home.  Scott came from Chicago, and I came from NY.

There are times when we miss family gatherings.  Of course we miss the great food and allure of the big city.  But it NEVER outweighs our desire and love of living in a tropical location – the warmth of the sun, and the endless options of outdoor activities (all year round).  And we absolutely never miss shoveling snow.

It’s definitely a lifestyle change – but one for the better.

It is very rare that I meet someone who tells me that they cannot acclimate to their new surroundings.

In fact, it’s usually the other way around.  They almost always say “Should have done this years ago.”

If there’s ever a time that we doubted our profession, it was always completely reinforced by the gratitude and appreciation of our customers.  They thank us for our knowledge and experience, and how it helped them make better decisions.

Here’s to moving to SW Florida!here's moving to florida (640x457)





August 2013

Summer in SW Florida:

This is the time of year when I absolutely LOVE our pool.
OK – we love it in February too – but definitely appreciate it more in the summer.

Neighborhood pool parties are the best.
Lots of fun – great way to catch up with neighbors – and meet new people.
There’s always a friend or relative visiting.

Tropical drinks, music, palm trees swaying in the wind.
Good times for everyone.

Floridians enjoy the outdoors – all year round.
That’s why it’s one of the best locations to own a primary residence.
You can always travel and visit other places,
but it just makes sense to call SW Florida – Home!

June 2013

SW Florida My Home started as a tribute to the community we love, our neighbors and the many people

we’ve met throughout the last 25 years.

As Realtors, we’ve been fortunate to work with such wonderful clients – who turned into life-long friends.

Most of us are transplants from “somewhere” else.  (Except for the native Crackers.)

We can all relate to a newcomer’s initial state of awe when they realize THIS IS HOME,

and not a place they came to on vacation.

We have Palm trees instead of Oaks.  We travel by boat or seadoo.

We live in sunshine and tropical colors – sunsets and warm breezes.

Our homes are decorated in Tommy Bahama and our lanais look like tiki gardens.

We send greetings to our friends and family up North saying –

This is SW Florida – My Home. 

 C’mon down!