Whatever Floats Your Boat





Welcome Boaters!

Just one visit to the Gulf of Mexico and you just may end up with saltwater flowing through your veins!

That’s because Southwest Florida is one of the world’s premier waterfront playgrounds.

With a range of salt, brackish and fresh water not easily discovered elsewhere, Southwest Florida touts a boatload of options for boating lovers. Offshore cruising and fishing, beachfront landings, back-bay and river cruising, sightseeing charters and just about any other marine fun you can think of is in the boater’s backyard.  And, with a subtropical climate that affords year-round opportunities and a wide range of scenery, Southwest Florida truly is a boater’s paradise unlike any other.

Cruising or Sailing – take in the vast array of  magnificent wildlife from the playful bottlenose dolphin to docile manatee and a host of tropical birds.

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